Analyze of the cosmetic composition

Analyze of the cosmetic composition

Cosmosweet - convenient online tool for analyzing and checking the composition of cosmetics. You can verify the ingredients of cosmetic products and assess their safety using our cosmetics composition analyzer. Simply enter the name or composition of the cosmetic product or scan the barcode, and we will provide you with detailed information about all ingredients.







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Use your phone to scan the barcode of the cosmetics or use the convenient search to check the composition of the product.

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Enter or copy and paste the list of ingredients and get a detailed description of each ingredient, safety level, and lots of other useful information.

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Safety of Cosmetics in Diagrams

Evaluate your cosmetics using convenient diagrams that take into account ingredient indicators. For important factors such as allergenicity, carcinogenicity, danger during pregnancy, and comedogenicity, the values should not exceed 30%. If these values are exceeded, there is a high probability that the negative consequences of using such cosmetics will outweigh the positive effect promised by the manufacturers.

Cosmetics safety diagrams

Ingredient safety levels

On our website, you have the opportunity to learn about the safety levels of cosmetic ingredients based on BIODIZIONARIO evaluations and EWG ratings. This standard, which has been applied in the cosmetics sector for more than 20 years, includes 5 safety ratings: «Completely safe», «Safe», Acceptable, There is a caveat, and «Dangerous».


Completely safe (14)

Safely (7)

Acceptable (10)

There is a caveat (8)

Dangerously (4)


Search by Ingredients

The unique function of searching for cosmetics by ingredients will allow you to find products that contain exactly the ingredients you need.

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User reviews

In the cosmetics review section, you can not only leave your own review, but also look at reviews from other users. There is also a cosmetic product rating that quickly helps evaluate the quality and effectiveness of the product before using it. You can learn from the experiences of others, find recommendations, and discover the best products that suit your needs. Leave your review to help other users make the right choice!

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Additional indicators

Our tool will help you identify if the chosen cosmetic product contains ingredients like silicones, allergens, or sulfates. The presence of alcohols or parabens. As well as the presence of UV-filters, vitamins, moisturizing components, or antifungal ingredients. With our service, you'll easily and quickly learn about the composition of your cosmetics and make informed decisions considering your individual needs.

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