Search cosmetics by composition

Searching for cosmetics by composition is a quick and convenient way to find products that contain certain ingredients. Simply enter the list of ingredients and get alternative options according to your requirements. Thanks to this search, you will be able to find cosmetics with the necessary composition that will satisfy your needs and expectations.

Step-by-Step Guide

Copy/paste ingredients:

analysis of cosmetic ingredients

Enter or paste a list of ingredients into the search. You can obtain these ingredients from product labels website or other sources.

Click the «Search» button:

search cosmetic product by composition

After entering the ingredients, press the 'Search' button to to reveal a list of products containing the ingredients you specified.

Preview results:

cosmetics composition check

Browse through the initial list of products to get an overview of the available options.

Apply filters:

information on cosmetic product composition

Use filters such as brand, country, and product category to narrow down your search results.

Customize display:

cosmetic product composition analysis online

Adjust the number of results displayed per page and navigate through multiple pages to explore the products.

Examine details:

information on cosmetic product composition

Hover over a product to highlight the ingredients you entered, making it easier to spot them in the composition. Additional information such as brand name, category, barcode, and country will also be displayed.

Access product page:

cosmetic product ingredient breakdown

Click on a product to be redirected to its dedicated product page, where you can find comprehensive information, including detailed descriptions, diagrams, security levels, and more.