Check the components online

Analyzing cosmetics ingredients - a quick and easy way to learn more about your cosmetics without chemical knowledge. Just enter or paste the list of ingredients and get an analysis of the cosmetics composition: safety level, cosmetics composition breakdown, allergenicity, comedogenicity, carcinogenicity, and much more. Our cosmetics composition analyzer is a quick check of ingredients to detect potential risks.

How to check cosmetic ingredients?

  • Step #1: Copy the ingredients list:

    analysis of cosmetic ingredients

    Start by finding the list of ingredients on your cosmetic product's packaging or website. Copy the entire list or select the components you wish to learn more about.

  • Step #2: Paste the ingredients list:

    analysis of cosmetic components

    Navigate to our ingredient analysis tool and paste the copied list into the designated input field. You can also manually type in the ingredients if you prefer.

  • Step #3: Click the «Search» button:

    checking the composition of cosmetics

    After entering the ingredients, press the 'Search' button to initiate the analysis process.

  • Step #4: Review the results:

    information about cosmetic composition

    Our tool will generate a comprehensive report on each ingredient, providing essential information such as:

  • Description

    Security Level

    Type of Component

  • Step #5: Examine diagrams:

    safety diagrams of cosmetic ingredients

    In addition to the detailed information, our tool provides easy-to-understand diagrams that visually represent the safety factors associated with each ingredient.